Graphic Design and Branding

We offer graphic design and branding which includes re-designing logos, business cards, website banners and flyers.

Here are some examples of logos we have designed for different companies and a case study of our re-branding work for Brunel Supplies. Please contact us if you are interested in our graphic design and branding services.

Case Study

Brand Re-Design | Brunel Supplies

Brunel Supplies was looking for a complete refresh and re-design of its branding. This included its logo, business cards and promotional materials. By updating the design, we created a consistent set of visuals across Brunel Supplies’ assets to help build brand recognition. Have a look through these before and after images which show how we refreshed and revitalised the brand:

Before – logo, business card, trade card and road sign

After – logo, business card, trade card, road sign and promotional materials

Visit Brunel Supplies’ website:

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